Online Travel & Tourism Courses.

Online Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Courses

Online Travel & Tourism Course.
Online Travel & Tourism Course.

Univercity Institute in association with Digiipro Academy Presents:

Online Tourism & Hospitality Courses.

With the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality sector slowly returning to normal, thousands of job opportunities which were lost during the hard lock-down in many countries are slowly re-emerging. The Univercity Institute, in association with Digiipro Academy present courses to prepare both new and old participants in the industry for the rebound. Please Click Here to select your course and register to take full advantage of the the return of the travel, tourism and hospitality sector.

Course Name Duration Normal Fees Bursary Registration Fee
Basic Tourism 06 Months R3 000.00 R1 500.00 R300.00
Advanced Tourism 09 Months R6 000.00 R3 000.00 R350.00
Basic Hospitality 06 Months R3 000.00 R1 500.00 R300.00
Advanced Hospitality 09 Months R6 000.00 R3 000.00 R350.00
Flight Attendants.
Online Travel & Tourism Course.

Important Notes

  1. Applications for admission and registration are now open.
  2. The First batch of students will commence their studies on 02 November 2020,
  3. The Second batch of students will commence on 11 January 2021,
  4. The Third batch will commence on 01 March 2021,
  5. The courses consist of both theory and practice and are geared towards employment in the domestic and international Tourism and Hospitality sectors of the economy. Hospitality students may also be employed in the kitchen sections of hospitals, boarding schools, training colleges, universities, the military, mining and any sector where catering is part of the business.
  6. Exceptional Students may also consider opening and running their own businesses in these sectors upon completion of the 09 months course.

    Hotels provide the Best Working Environment
    Hotels present many opportunities for those who are hard working.
  7. The last 3 months of each course will consist of practical work experience at an establishment in the tourism and hospitality industry nearest to where the student resides.
  8. Prospective students are required to first apply for admission, and once admitted, proceed to pay the registration fee and enroll to commence their studies. At least 10 days prior to the commencement of their studies students must pay the full course fees.
  9. There is a bursary amount which covers 50% of the total study fees set aside for students who apply, are admitted and register early and pay their full amount of the course in advance,
  10. Students must specifically apply for the bursary when applying for admission,
  11. Students who are unable to pay the full course fee in advance may apply to the college for monthly payments for the duration of their studies, but may forfeit part or all of their bursary allocation unless the student submits a written motivation to retain the bursary.

To view payment options and apply and for any further inquiries click here or:

 Please send us an email at: or or call us at 015 004 1261/2 or 079 581 1841 if you are calling from South Africa or +27 15 004 1261/2 or +27 79 581 1841 if you are calling from outside South Africa.